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WrapCut® Pro - Precision Edge Cutting Tape

WrapCut® Pro - Precision Edge Cutting Tape

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WrapCut® Pro - Precision Edge Cutting Tape - 3/16" x 150'

Features a tackier, slightly wider and stiffer tape than WrapCut® enabling easy, long straight lines.

Increased adhesive but still lifts cleanly and easily for re-positioning.

Can be used to make precise trim lines through printed and laminated vinyl as well as paint and epoxy.

With the fine cutting filament always at the edge of the tape, WrapCut® prevents errors in cutting location.

Recommended for thin to medium thickness films and light coatings on smooth and less consistent surfaces.

3/16″ x 150′, Single-sided, Medium Tack, Fiber Filament

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Create curves or unique designs, see picture.