Supplying Roll Goods to Southern Sign Shops. Specializing in Removable Print Media

About Us

About Us

We have many years of experience in the sign, printing, and packaging industries in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia and seek to provide a bundle of services to help our customers. We provide product recommendations and free delivery for vinyl and laminate. We are seeking to provide a consistent service while bringing solutions to help our customer’s business with ease of ordering thru the convenience of a website.

Installing and removing vinyl has always been a challenge in the sign industry.  We specialize in large format digital media that is easy to install and remove.

Our DISPLAY, COVER and POSTER products are calendared and cast items common for building graphics and signage. These products give you an economical and durable solution for wide format print media. The DISPLAY adhesive products laminated with COVER should last three years or more and the cast products lasting longer.

Our DISPLAY Color Intermediate Vinyls are available in 24″ x 150′ in Black/White or 24″ x 30′ in color rolls giving customers an economical solution to building graphics.

Specialty Materials offers a complementary part for your sign business in offering heat transfer products usable by your existing equipment, else an inexpensive clam shell heat press needs to be acquired. All the accessories for fabricating these products are available as well. This and the other product groups are available for free delivery to the Low Country such as Marabu ink, Magnum Magnetic, banner, banner tape, knives, squeegees, vinyl application fluid, etc. giving customers a knowledgeable and dependable supplier.

Our products are in stock on the website unless noted SOLD OUT. Thus, we have products you need for your customers and our operation is designed to have the products and get them to you by utilizing an efficient website.