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Splash - Application Fluid, 8oz. Concentrate

Splash - Application Fluid, 8oz. Concentrate

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Splash - Application Fluid, Concentrated 8 oz. Bottle dilutes for 1 Gallon of solution

Vinyl application fluids are designed to make the application of pressure sensitive vinyls and decals quick and easy by allowing you time to position your graphics and remove air bubbles prior to adhesion. The application fluid wets the surface, allowing you to slide the graphics until you get the exact placement. No need to worry about the adhesive sticking before you are ready. And application fluids are great when working with large graphics.

SPLASH - Application Fluid, 8oz. Concentrated Bottle makes 1 Gallon

SPLASH sets the standard for quality graphic application fluids

For over 14 years, experts have been using and acclaiming this product

Gives extra time to position graphics and finishes in under 2 minutes

Promotes Faster Adhesion

Works on all grades and types of vinyls

Friendly, Safe, Easy-to-use, Bubble Gum Smell